Maaf bukan mau sok, tapi lagi belajar nulis pake bahasa Inggris…jadi maaf kalau salah salah kata…semoga ada manfaatnya.

In my 10 years plus of experience in hospitality industry, I have been questioned by many and always never been able to give a strike answer when it comes to a topic of how to select a good wine. These kinds of question pop up in every occasion when I had a small conversation with friends, working colleagues or even my customer.

What makes it so difficult to answer is because wine is unique and like many other things in life; wine is very personal. It just not really a matter of how expensive the wine is, or how fancy the restaurant where you enjoy the wine. It is really simply a personal experience.

If you come to a restaurant and the waiter offering you to have a bottle of Chardonnay for 2 million rupiah within your meal, just don’t directly buy it. The thing is, don’t buy a bottle of wine just because you want to be look as a wealthy person who had a lot of money. Another thing is, don’t worry about your choice, wine basically can goes with any meal. It doesn’t always to be white wine with white meat or the red wine with red meat, the important thing is you feel comfortable with your self.

How ever, before selecting a wine from the wine list, there are tips that we can use:

  1. Choose the region.

There are many regions in the world that considered being wine producer. The most well reputable region such asFrance, Italian,Australia,New Zealand,California-USA and many other countries. Each region has a distinguished wine product such as dominant taste and aromas because every region has a different climate, soil, cultivation technique and production technique.

  1. Choose the varietals

There are thousands of vin varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, etc for the white wine and Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Shiraz, etc for red wine. Every varietal has its own characteristic that influences the wine taste and flavor.

  1. Choose the wine maker

In every country/region also has a reputable producer because of their consistency in production. For example; Chateau Latour or Chateau Margaux has a great name inBordeauxregion inFrance. Pepper Tree and Lindemans also has a great name inAustralia.

  1. Choose the vintage

Every year is a vintage year for wine. A vintage year is a code which explains when is the vin being harvested. It is reflecting information of what was happen back to the year when the vin being harvested; is it in rainy season, dry season or winter, because each season will effected to the vin. For example, if it is being harvested in rainy season, the vin could produced a watery and more acidic grape since probably the vin has get less sunshine (photosintesis is not optimal).  

  1. Choose a reasonable price

Look into your pocket, buy an affordable wine.



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