Managing People

Sekali kali nyoba pake bahasa Inggris…mudah mudahan tidak ada yang salah tata bahasanya…semoga bermanfaat

I was sitting and involved in an interesting conversation with a friend, one of the night; he was telling me that a lot of his friend was moving to another hotel which will be opened very soon in our city. I was wondering and ask him why it happened, was they get better offer? He said, no. In fact, they were moving with the same position and benefit and I think that is a little bit ironic, because as my friend said, most of the staff has been work there for years. Then, what is actually happened?

According to Marcus Buckingham and Curt Hoffman in their book of First Break of the Rules; moving employees are actually not really leaving the company when they moved to another place, but they leave their managers or boss due to one or more reason of what happen in their working environment situation. Some could be influence by the pressure they received, some might caused by the managers attitude and behavior.

When we are talking about the managers, it will be related to leadership and leadership is needed to get everything done in the right way. To get everything done, we need people to follow. To get people to follow, we must get their trust and get them motivated. To motivate people we must show a right and consistent behavior.

According to John Baldoni in his article of “motivation secret”, he said that motivation is purely and simply a leadership behavior or in another word, motivation is something that you can not impulse from outside but it actually coming from inside that reflected the freedom of to do anything by their own willing.

So, if you are a manager, don’t say that you can directly motivate your people, what you can do is just giving them an indirect motivation by showing your consistent and right leadership behavior. At the end of the day, they will follow you.


One Response to “Managing People”
  1. strangers berkata:

    “just giving them an indirect motivation by showing your consistent and right leadership behavior. At the end of the day, they will follow you.”
    I do agree with this statetement. You can’t force people to obey your command if you can’t get their respect. Unless you’re working in Army. Respect and trust supposed to come up naturally. And as you said, “At the of the day they will follow you”. I wish every managers have this perspective in their minds.

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